New 254 / 284 Jinma Tractors EPA approved diesel engines

Jinma 254/284 25 hp
Superior Performance 

*      Higher lift capacity:
o       Handle larger implements
o       Get work done faster

*      Heavy-duty components:
o       Long lasting
o       Keep working all day long

*      Sturdier chassis:
o       Greater stability
o       Keeps you safe while working

*      Heavier chassis:
o       Additional weight
o       Provides extra traction

*      Affordable                                 

 Standard Features    254 / 284 4WD Specifications 
Ø      3 cylinder, water cooled, Diesel engine     Engine: Y385 EPA approved
Ø      4 Wheel drive                                         Type: Four stroke, direct injection, water cooled
Ø      Power steering                                       Cylinders: 3
Ø      3 point hitch                                            Engine HP: 25
Ø      Seat belt                                                 Electrical System: 12 volt
Ø      Foldable roll bar                                      Clutch: Dual Stage clutch
Ø      Sun top / canopy                                     Transmission:  16  speeds (12 forward, 4 reverse)
Ø      Full instrument panel with gauges             PTO: 2 speeds 540, 1000 rpm
Ø      Headlights / tail lights / work light             Weight:  3950 lbs (with front loader)
Ø      Shuttle shift transmission                                         2734 lbs (without front loader)
Dimensions: (LxWxH): 118”x57”x85”

Other Available Options
Factory  ZL-20 front loader
Turf tires
Industrial tires
Top and tilt hydraulic cylinders
Box scraper
Post hole digger / auger


284 Jinma Tractor with R4 Tires